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Natural Cancer Treatments and Protocols

 Cancer is Curable

Most of the time, it is only a fungus and there are studies that conclude that is starts in the Gut.

God (YHWH) created our bodies to heal themselves, unfortunately we as American’s have been brainwashed for generations by the medical field and pharmaceutical companies to believe that diseases can only be cured by cutting the diseased area out and or pumping our bodies with prescription drugs (which are poison and toxins).  Prescription drugs do not cure the disease. All they do is mask the symptoms. They don’t get to the root cause and cure the illness or disease..  Cancer starts in the Gut. Change what you put into your Gut and the cancer cells will start being destroyed.

Our immune system and endocrine system are what fights off bacteria, viruses, poisons and toxins.  Everyone has Cancer cells in their body, yes we said everyone.  When our bodies are healthy, our immune system is able to destroy cancer cells so they can’t multiply out of control. When our bodies are comprised, that’s when the cancer cells start to grow out of control.

A gentleman from Texas, Henry Garcia, was curing stage 4 cancer in 3 weeks, naturally.  We have included some of his information and other information that we have learned along the way.

Cancer can be cured. It’s all about what you put into the body and the thoughts or emotions that go through your mind.  The battlefield in in the mind. Our thoughts either enrich the body or work against it to create malfunctions which the medical field call diseases and illnesses.

Radiation and Chemotherapy destroy all cells and puts more toxins and poisons into your body, in fact there are studies out there that show that radiation and chemotherapy actually create more cancer.

Get on an all vegetable diet.  If you can’t eat vegetables, then juicing is a another great option.   Take away All Sugars…ALL SUGARS. We can’t stress this enough. Sugar feeds the cancer cells. You also need to start incorporating as many foods as possible that are alkaline.  Your body was created to only eat alkaline foods.  We American’s like our fast food and processed foods. These types of foods are not really nutritious food at all and is very acidic, genetically modified  and full of toxins.  Again, we have been brainwashed.  The more acidic your body is, the more it creates an environment for Cancer cells to multiply.  What you want to do is starve the cancer cells so they die.  How do you do this?  Make the terrain unbearable for the cancer cells to be able to survive.

Start drinking water with lemon in it.  Make sure that the water does not have fluoride and chlorine in it, again these are just poisons that you are putting into your body.  (More on how bad fluoride is to the body)

By the time you have been diagnosed with cancer, it has probably been growing in your body for at least 5 years.   Don’t let the medical field put “FEAR” into you by saying that you have to do something right away.  


The Truth about Cancer

There was a special that aired in Oct. 2015 – The Truth About Cancer.  The 9 part series will walk you through many different protocols to eradicate the cancer pandemic. This is very valuable information. We have uploaded them unto the web, in an account, so you are able to watch them at your own leisure (please do not duplicate these videos).   If you can’t link to the folder, please let us know and we can add your name in the folder list.     Contact Us     You can also purchase the dvd’s on their website which is listed in the links below.

Here is the link to a folder which has all 9 videos

 Henry Garcia 

A gentleman from Texas, was curing stage 4 cancer in 3 weeks, naturally.  Here are some of his health tips.


Acidic vs Alkaline bodies- Treating Cancer- The Calcium Factor

The Calcium Factor – The scientific Secret of Health and Youth  by Robert Barefoot, Robert, Carl Reich  –

Let me quote from the The Calcium Factor book:

The program will help to alkalize the body’s fluids, resulting in the toxins, which are adhered to the cell surface, detaching themselves and entering the blood. The body will recognize the toxins as foreign invaders and respond by attacking them possibly causing flu-like symptoms like headaches, stomach aches and diarrhea. This is called ‘de-toxing’ and it means that the body is ridding itself of cancer inducing compounds.
The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, Page 145

Here are a few video links to some of talks on the subject of Calcium –  Website


PH Balance Chart

Every Cancer can be Cured in Weeks- Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Dr. Leonard suggests taking vitamin C and sea salt  (Himalayan Salt)

What the cell is going on – illness and disease start in the cells

 Gary Tunsky   Biography                     His book:  Battle for Health is Over Ph

Watch these 2 videos with Gary Tunsky

Gary Tunsky- Natural Health Practitioner -PFT  

    Gary Tunsky – What the Cell is Going On video


Everyone is Sick and I know why – The MD Emperor has no clothes

Dr. Peter Glidden is one of the very few to realize the sobering truths that MD directed medicine consistently fails to cure disease, and that it causes massive amounts of harm in the process. Furthermore, he understands that people around the world who continue to hold onto their cultural home remedies live longer and healthier than those that buy into modern medical…

Here are a few links below for Dr. Peter Glidden    

Chemotherapy is a waste of money

The MD emperor has no clothes

The Emperor has no clothes – Podcast

Download his information here – THE-MD-EMPEROR-by-Dr.-Glidden-Copyright-2014

Buy the book on Amazon    or on   Barnes & Noble

The Gearson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle introduces Dr. Max Gerson who developed The Gerson Therapy more than 80 years ago. A proven remedy for cancer and most chronic and degenerative diseases, Gerson Therapy employs a diet and de-codification regimen to rebuild the immune system and restore the body’s own ability to heal itself. Nine former patients talk about their successful recoveries from deadly cancers and Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte discusses opposition from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and why they fear an all natural therapy that allows people to take control of their when health.

 The Gearson Therapy                        Learn more about Max Gearson 

Get rid of the mucus and you get rid of disease

Dr. Sebi – a pathologist, biochemist and herbalist. … AIDS, cancer, diabetes, lupus and epilepsy are just a few of the ailments he has completely reversed. … The judge presiding over the case requested that Dr. Sebi provide one witness for each disease he claimed to have cured.

Video to watch Dr Sebi

Natural Life Energy guide

Spiritual Healing

 Your spiritual health is very important in healing the body- listening to positive meditative music and spiritual music is helpful.

Remove all negativity from your life. Anger, stress, destructive feelings, beliefs, attitudes, un-forgiveness, emotional pain and abandonment are negative baggage that your subconscious hangs on to and will block any true healing in your body.  Remember, The battlefield is in the mind.  If you have had any of these negative traumas in your life, Like who hasn’t! We suggest that you seek out professional Christian counseling or support groups that are biblical based.

Studies have shown that 95% of all diseases are caused from emotional issues or heart issues.

If you can heal the issues of the heart, you can heal any problem.

It’s all about frequencies and energy.  If you body takes in, or is around negative energy, it is toxic poison to your body.  If the energy around you is positive, it is healing to your body.

 The Healing Code                    The Emotional Code

Have you accepted Jesus (Yahshua’/Yeshua is His Hebrew name) into your life? If not, please do so today.  He will begin the healing process in your heart instantly.   Romans 10:9  If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus/Yeshua in Lord” and believe in your heart that God (YHWH or YaHoWah/Yahweh is His Hebrew name) raised him from the dead, you will be saved.   Ask him to be your Lord and Savior Today!


Questions you may want to ask your Oncologist

This young man was diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer in 2004.  Much to gain from listening to questions to ask your oncologist.   Click the website link here

 10 Questions to ask your doctor

Fasting and how it boosts your immune system

Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system.   Learn more.………

 Here is a great article- Modern Medicines most lethal death trap

You may want to do your own research on these products listed below:

Colloidal Silver  – We make colloidal silver and know quite a bit about its healing properties

Link to our Colloidal Silver Products                  Link to more information on colloidal silver

B-17 supplementsapricot seeds have B-17   Read this article  or  Read this article.   B-17 has been banned here is the United States.  I wonder why?  Conspiracy or not, it works.

Watch this video   then  Watch this video

Vitamin C–  start taking high doses of vitamin C   Read this article  

Even the National Cancer Institute has a patented version of vitamin C.   Link here

 Essaic Tea   —  Read this article 

Turmericalso know as Curcumin  —  Read this article

Black Seed (Cumin) Oil  – comes as an oil or capsule

Iodine   our bodies are deficient of iodine  —Watch this video

Magnesium   our bodies are deficient of magnesium   Read this article

Magnesium Oil Spray     Magnesium Cream

Rose Calcium  and Vitamin D together-  2000mg of Calcium with 5000IU of vitamin D- (find this information in the book – The Calcium Factor)

You can get some of your vitamin D from going out in the sun for a few hours each day.  Do not use sunscreen.  Sunscreen is just poisons and toxins that are getting into your body through your skin.

Selenium for breast cancer –  Read more on this

Cannabis, Marijuana  ( Yes, this is another lie that they have brainwashed us with.  Cannabis cures cancer.  It is a plant, not a schedule 1 controlled drug)   We have researched quite a bit on cannabis.

Rick Simpson oil or RSO oil Link    Protocol – is to try and take 60g of RSO oil in 30 days.  We do have resources to purchase Rick Simpson Oil with Cannabis, THC and THC:CBD if you live in Michigan

 CBD hemp oil capsules, oil and crystals – CBD capsules, what are they?  Yes, they are legal.  However growing hemp plants are still illegal in some states and including the state of Michigan.

Link to our site- Tikkun Olam Natural Products  Here is a link to our  CBD Products

Baking soda and molasses or pure maple sugar protocolLink 

Essential Oils   Frankincense and Rosemary essential oils are great healers.

Keep your body Alkaline, removing all acids from your diet.  I have included a couple of charts for reference. You can buy alkaline stripes in the drug stores. Drink alkaline water daily.

 Get Oxygen into your body – here are some ways to do this.

Exercise            Peroxide treatments            Calcium              Chi Machine                 Infra Red Lights

Remove all poisons and chemicals from your environment do as much as possible, and as soon as possible

Get out in the sun as much as possible.  Even if it’s cold outside, our bodies need the energy and rays from the sun. Go outside in the early morning or late in the afternoon.  Try to avoid the sun when it is at it’s hottest.

Websites that have great information about Cancer and natural treatments

 Cancer Tutor            The Truth about Cancer          Terry Talks Nutrition

Dr Josh Axe               Natural News                          Dr. Mercola

Natural Society


Documents that you can print

General Health Tips                                 List of Alkaline foods

Peroxide Treatment- Cancer Arthritis                   Turmeric-Curcumin General Health Tips

Colloidal Silver                          Ten ways to use colloidal silver

 Our God is the great physician and healer, He is the “Great I Am”

The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Revelation 22:2  

 And God said, “Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind, on the earth.” And it was so.  Genesis 1:11

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me,  and I shall be saved, for you are my praise  Jeremiah 17:14

Our ministry is healing and restoring the body, our holy temple, back to way it was beautifully created in Genesis. We will continue to add to this page as we discover more information.

We want to hear from you, so be sure to tell us your stories.

We hope this information is helpful, may God/Yahowah bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you.

In His Shalom,

Tikkun Olam Organics

Tikkun Olam   תיקון  =   Healing the World

Medical Disclosure – We are not medical doctors. We are not attempting to diagnose or treat major medical conditions. Please be smart and use common sense when using herbs and natural healing modalities and be extra cautious if you are taking prescription medications, pregnant or breast feeding, have ongoing immune issues or major health concerns. Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns about serious medical conditions or contraindications.

While there is endless proof that plants heal us, and do good for us, the FDA requires that we say this: “These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”